About Us

i-Mesh is a software running on  i-Mesh modules, an ideal platform for OEM’s looking for a versatile hardware platform that enables them to quickly design wireless into their product in multiple IoT applications like Lighting, Smart Energy, Building Automation, Industrial IoT thus achieving Time to Market.

i-Mesh form a multi-hop large-scale wireless mesh network – automatically and without configuration on site. All the networking intelligence is included in the software on device level.

This enables data collection from all kinds of sensors to the cloud or any other backbone. You can also control remotely located devices, update the software and locate the moving assets.

Hans Van Leeuwen


A Dutch Innovator in wireless & embedded systems, masters in Microwave & Telecommunications from Technical University, Delft, Netherlands in 1989 and having been active contributor in IEEE standards Association. Hans has passion and hands on experience to create and test mass deployment of wireless devices in condensed environment.

One of the successful deployment is cloud connected smart wristbands, network infrastructure for more than 250,000 patrons per event. The hub data is used for access control, business intelligence, crowd control, social networking and mobile Apps. His offices/ businesses are located in Singapore, Den Haag and Santa Clara

Sachin Deshpande


An Industrial Engineer by qualification and embedded Engineer and software expert in the filed of IOT for more than 2 decades, Sachin was invited to join IntercraftIOT group‘s think tank and to lead team as Chief Technology Officer (IOT) to support group’s ambitions to lead IOT technologies for Lighting & Smart Building Management systems