i-Mesh Technology Explained

i-Mesh Single Network, Many Application

i-Mesh enables operations in multiple applications and different types of devices operating in one single network.

One i-Mesh network hosts Indoor lights, occupancy sensors, switches, air quality, and asset tracking tags forming a single network.

i-Mesh is a software running on i-Mesh modules, an ideal platform for OEMs looking for a versatile hardware platform that enables them to quickly design wireless into their product in multiple IoT applications like Lighting, SmartEnergy, Building Automation, Industrial IoT thus achieving Time to Market.

i-Mesh Security Standard

AES128 encryption on your data flowing through the network and at the signaling layer.

Without the encryption key, only wireless noise can be detected. Data integrity is checked at the protocol level.

Encryption keys, firmware, and application software can be updated over the air (OTA) for upgrades and security compliance.

i-Mesh recommends using IT Infrastructure to be used for Building Automation

i-Mesh Connected Product & Systems

Heating, Ventilation & Air conditioning equipment 

Low Voltage
DC Fans

Actuators Of
All Types


Smart Water/ Energy / Multi-function meters 

Wall switches /
Remote controls

Occu Lux Sensor

Small and powerful sensor with wireless connectivity for your lighting needs

E-NVI Sensor

Small and powerful all-in-one wireless sensor to uncover new insights.

i-Mesh Gateway

A powerful gateway for managing the
i-mesh network and cloud connectivity

i-Mesh DALI

i-Mesh Independent
dimmable LED drivers

i-Mesh Independent 
Electronic LED drivers

Entry Barriers
(turnstiles / boom barriers
/ optical barriers)

Access Control Systems

Smart Parking

Smart Parking Systems


Central Vacuum
Cleaning Systems

Garbage Chute
systems / Waste